Our October 2014 Costa Rica & Nicaragua Cost of Living Expenses

By Paul & Gloria in Blog October was an unusual month for us as far as our Costa Rica expenses are concerned. We only spent two days out of the entire month actually in Costa Rica. But we’ll do our best to explain things, below. Part 1: Las Vegas We spent the first five days of November traveling to and […]

Top 10 List of Pros and Cons of Container House Living

By Paul & Gloria in Blog On a budget? Want to live simply? Like the idea of tiny houses? Check out this article by Jimmy Lee of ContainerHomes.net. And take a look at the end of the article for information about two container homes for sale right here in Costa Rica. Container House Living by Jimmy Lee, ContainerHomes.Net What […]

The 10 Reasons Why We Chose San Ramon de Alajuela

By Paul & Gloria in Blog People always ask us why we moved to San Ramon de Alajuela as opposed to other, possibly more popular, locations in Costa Rica. Our interest in San Ramon actually began before our first visit, just from doing research on the Internet and in the books we read. It was reinforced when we […]

Costa Rica Weather: Our 2016 Weatherguys and Weathergals

By Paul & Gloria in Blog We now show rainfall and temperatures for eleven towns in Costa Rica: San Ramón de Alajuela Atenas Nuevo Arenal Quepos Near San Isidro de General San Rafael de Heredia San Marcos de Tarrazu El Cajón de Grecia Grand View Estates, Siquirres Volio de Cachí, Orosi Valley Escazú Our San Ramón Weatherguy, Paul Yeatman Meteorology […]

Our Costa Rica Cost of Living, by Rob Evans

By Paul & Gloria in Blog The Bureau of Labor Statistics’ annual report on consumer expenditures shows the “average” American household (AAHh) spent $57,311 in 2016. Note, $74,664 is the “average” income and $57,311 is the average spent after taxes. I decided to compare the expense published against what I spend in Costa Rica, but I see a problem with […]

Jackson’s Care-A Cost Effective Option for Private Healthcare in Costa Rica-UPDATED!

By Paul & Gloria in Blog IMPORTANT UPDATE The Jackson’s Care Plan is being discontinued due to issues between the parties involved. We understand that Centro Médico Jackson’s Memorial is working on the development of a new plan which will hopefully  be available by January 2019. We contacted Daniel Jackson for an update. He told us, “The Jackson Care […]

Fiestas patronales de San Ramón 2011

By Gloria in Blog (Note: Fiestas patronales means Festival of Patron Saints. Saint Ramón is the Patron Saint of the Canton (county) of San Ramón; each town in San Ramón county also has a patron saint.  The festivities run from Friday, August 26th through Sunday, September 4th. Not included in the translation below is the description of religious […]

Retire for Less Newsletter – January 8, 2015

By Paul & Gloria in Blog, Featured Welcome to our RetireForLessInCostaRica.com Newsletter! Paul and Gloria In This Issue: Our December 2014 Costa Rica Cost of Living Expenses The Best and Worst of Costa Rica in 2014, According to Everyone Else, by Lindsay Fendt In the Mailbag-Shipping, a Restaurant Review, and on Facebook Alajuela to San Ramón, Another Adventure, by Norman […]